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OLEKSII SEVERIN is an actor, director, stuntman from Ukraine. He is one of the most outstanding International actors in Ukraine. He took part in hundreds TV, film and Ads projects.

Now he lives in New York, the USA.

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2008, "1941", TV series, stuntman
2009, "Taras Bulba", feature, stuntman
2010, "S.T.A.L.K.E.R.”, short, director, actor
2011, "Odessa Mama", TV series, actor, stuntman
2011, "Protector", TV series, assistant stunt coordinator
2011, "Passions for Chapai", TV series, actor, stuntman
2012, "Brother for brother 2", TV series, actor,
2012, "Unforgotten Shadows", feature, assistant director
2012, "Mystery", Advertising on TV, action scene director
2013, "Alexandr", music video, assistant director
2013, "You are my sky", music video, 2nd director
2013, "Light of a Distant Star", short, director, actor
2013, "Platinum", documentary, action scene director
2014, "Keepers of the Way", feature, 2nd director
2014, "Lab of love", TV series, 2nd director
2014, "FLINT", Advertising on TV, 2nd director
2015, "Partizan rock", music video, 2nd director
2015, "Resistance", live streaming, production director
2015, "5.10", advertising for youtube, director
2015, "SYNEVO", advertising on TV, 2nd director
2016, "FILM", short, director
2016, "The Three of us", feature, actor, stuntman
2016, "You are my paradise", music video, 2nd director
2016, "Doctor Thomases" music video, director, actor
2016, Hlibny dar", advertising on TV, actor
2017, "Bitter Harvest", feature, stuntman
2017, "Female Doctor 3", TV series, 2nd director
2017, "The dawn will rise", TV series, 2nd director

2017, “Cyborgs”, feature, stuntman
2017, "Storozhova zastava", feature, stuntman
2017, "Convoy", TV series, stuntman
2018, "Exit without ringing", TV series, actor
2018, "Sworn friends", TV series, actor, stuntman
2018, "The story of one crime", TV series, actor
2018, "Dog", TV series, actor, stuntman
2018, "The one who doesn't sleep", TV series, actor, stuntman
2019, "The Woman Looking Into the Distance, TV series, actor, stuntman
2019, "The Rising Hawk" feature, stuntman
2019, “Someone else’s life”, TV series, stuntman
2019, "Black Raven", feature, stuntman
2020, "Metro Exodus, Sem's Story", Game, мotion-capture actor.
2020, "There Will Be People" TV series, actor, stuntman
2020, "Kozaky. Absolyutno brekhlyva istoriya", TV series, stuntman
2020, "Tales of Old Miller", feature, stuntman
2020, "#in_quarantine", series for Instagram, director, actor
2021, "Police wars, Kharkiv", TV series, actor
2021, "Agents of justice", TV series, actor, stuntman
2021, "Doctor's oath", TV series, actor
2021, "Case", TV series, actor
2021, "Judge", TV series, actor
2021, "The Call" TV series, actor
2022, "Investigator from DVRZ", TV series, actor
2022, "Shliakh mertsia", feature, stuntman
2022, "Senior investigator", TV series, actor
2023, "Myrnyi-21", feature, stuntman
2023, "Dzhura-korolevych", feature, stuntman
2023, "Fairytale sect", feature, actor, stuntman

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